About Us

Company Overview

Tzofia LogiBuild Solutions Pvt.Ltd is an emerging global business process outsourcing company. The company, is located in Coimbatore, in Southern India. With 23 years of experience in the field of customer service, TLBS provides services in two main segments – Order management services & Technical Consultancy Services for Building Materials.

As an emerging partner in the outsourcing business - TLBS strives to think, learn and build innovative solutions to the clients. Our team delivers business values to each client because we understand clearly that our continued success is dependent on their happiness with our work. Our "customer driven" approach has provided us with a stable and sustainable business model. In dealing with our clients, we believe in being as straightforward and transparent as possible. We believe our honest approach leads to better business for everyone involved. Our association brings cost reductions, performance improvements along with new ways of working, tailored to each client.

Fortified with a highly educated, well-trained, fully skilled and reliable team, we deliver a full range of business process outsourcing services and solutions, including data entry management, financial & accounting support, and more. To give our clients a definite competitive edge, we are fully equipped with an assorted talent pool including management professionals and data entry specialists. This talented workforce becomes remotely located staff for our clients and executes all their short term and ongoing projects from our office.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that helps your business plan deeper, transparent and better optimized customer connections and experiences from strategy development through execution. We believe that makes us your ideal transformation partner. Established on a note of promise and with the right mind-set, this strategic turn redesigns our ability to tap into a world of new opportunities and results. 23 Years of Customer Experience Management is the bedrock of our philosophy and business strategy. Our Service & Solutions portfolio is topped off by extensive services, from consulting, through implementation of the process, all the way to maintenance and training. We focus on knowing what you want to achieve and then align the right tools and methodologies to help fulfil them.

Outsourcing Services a Brief Overview

Increasing competition and vagaries of economy have made outsourcing a necessity for modern businesses. They may partly outsource their business processes or collaborate with a provider for full spectrum of services. Established BPO companies provide innovative solutions backed by state-of-the-art technology. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of letting out business activities. It involves the outsourcing of the specific business functions to a competent third-party service provider. The term was originally associated with manufacturing firms that outsourced segments of their supply chain.

In the contemporary context, BPO indicates back office outsourcing that includes internal business functions such as finance, accounting, front office, human resource, customer care and many more services.

A new form of business process outsourcing is Transformational BPO involving multi-process outsourcing and full process. It is a holistic business services model to effectively address the evolving requirements and expectations of clients across the world.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a subset of BPO involving activities that require greater skill, education and expertise. For instance, when a company outsources data entry, it is business process outsourcing. However, when it lets out work like analysis and evaluation based on a set of criteria or business rules, it would require the efforts of a more knowledgeable and experienced staff. KPO may include Research & Development (R&D), Product Development, etc. Business process outsourcing is not an option but a compulsion in the global world. In intense competitive scenario, it has become imperative for companies that the talent pools across the regions are utilized. Cost efficiency is another major factor behind business process outsourcing to diverse places often located offshore. Companies that follow collaborative, partnership based approach are better to outsource.

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