Technical Consultancy Services for Building Materials

The market for construction products is growing so is the demand for high quality raw materials. Consequently, new applications are introduced to meet the changing customer requirements. Our Technical Consultancy Services help the manufacturers of building materials to develop and improve the products as per the quality standards in order to meet the competitive edge in the market. With our Technical Consultancy Services, we work side-by-side with customers, manufacturers & dealers on new applications or to adapt products to regionally distinctive requirements. 

Our experts put their extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art test methods to work for you, developing value-adding products and formulations for various aspects of construction building materials including grouts, Epoxy & cement-based adhesives, waterproofs, paint and floor coatings and many more. 

Does your product meet local requirements? Is it suitable for the specific climatic conditions? Does its formulation have to be adapted to the raw materials of the region? A team of highly-trained specialists provides technical support, answers questions on formulations, provides training for customers' technical personnel and helps you choose the best building materials for your construction project.   

Why Use Technical Consultancy Services for Building Materials from TLBS?

We can help you

Ensure your building materials and structures comply with all relevant requirements and regulations through our thorough due diligence process.

Implement the best repair strategies and service life maintenance measures for your project.

Avoid premature failures with comprehensive risk, damage and durability assessments.

Develop new materials and products with the technical expertise you need to assess the suitability of building materials and components.

Improve the sustainability of your projects by utilizing environmentally friendly materials and processes.

It's with full conviction that we can say that the construction market is our specialty. We know it through and through. We often see how our expert knowledge of the technical know-hows makes a real difference for our clients in making the right decisions.

Our solutions and strategies are effective, and their results improve our clients' competitive position. We've worked for developers, manufacturers of building materials, manufacturers of raw materials, general contractors, distributors. In every case, we are able to find the appropriate research approach and effective business solutions.

We provide Technical Consultancy Services for
Globally Proven Construction Solutions in


Tile & Stone Installation

Floor Coating

Surface Preparation

Tile & Stone Care Maintenance

Concrete Construction Chemicals

Resinous and Decorative Finishes

Masonry Veneer Installation Systems